January journal

January 2021

In my newly begun, ongoing effort to challenge myself into writing more, whether it be by writing letters (I already sent three!), or blogging, I want to close out the first month of the new year by writing about all my favorite things this month (and mostly rambling about what’s on my mind).

1. 2021

I love that it’s no longer 2020! (Ok ok, I’m done talking about that, just getting it out of my system, you understand, right?)

2. Haircare loves

Re-learning to treat myself right and put myself first over the past year meant that I was able to get back into good habits to take care of my internal health which almost always translates back out as visible health! When I moved two and a half years ago, I submerged my whole being into an unsustainably stressful place and started to have an unhealthy work-life balance. My hair started falling out, it was a whole mess. I’ve since moved back to my hometown surrounded by loving friends and family. I can once again breathe and begin healing from the inside out.

My haircare routine is definitely a pretty low maintenance one. I’m not too picky with shampoo but I opt for high quality when i can. Firm believer of ‘you get what you pay for’. Here are my current haircare loves.

– L’Oréal Ever Pure sulfate free Frizz Defy conditioner

– Ouai leave in conditioner

– Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

3. Skin care loves

My one true love. While I don’t believe everything every influencer is saying about every product, I do look for recurring patterns in the industry to look into, and try to do my own research and ask friends in the medical field their thoughts about active ingredients listed. Everyone’s skin behaves and reacts differently to product too, so always take what you hear with a grain of salt! That being said, I am an avid consumer and have developed some personal favorites over the years by trying out A TON. My skin is also very sensitive and angers easily. Here are just a few items that are working for me currently!

– Belif Aqua bomb moisturizer, always the GOAT!

-Laneige lip sleeping mask💖

– My most recent obsession, Summer Friday’s! I use the Cloud Dew Oil free gel and, Jet lag mask, Soft Reset AHA exfoliating solution, and Super Amino Gel Cleanser. The cleanser isn’t doing much for me personally and I may introduce some salicylic acid back into my routine instead.

4. Plant care

The first stage of quarantine really gave me the time to explore my love of horticulture that was instilled in me from my parents at an early age but I never cultivated until last April. I can honestly write several more blogs about my plant journey and the Instagram page I started to document this new hobby, turned lifestyle. @floranirvana

Other favorites

Currently rewatching – Futurama

Gaming – playing lots of Mario Kart with my quarantine Kart Krew


Talk soon, Nirvana